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HP 932/933 & HP 950/951 Refilled Ink Cartridge Swap Procedure

HP 932/933 & HP 950/951

HP 932/933 & HP 950/951 Refilled Ink Cartridge Swap Procedure*

IMPORTANT - You MUST have spare cartridges to activate refilled cartridges.

HP locks out the HP 932/933 and HP 950/951 cartridges which have been newly refilled and immediately placed back into the printer.  But if another same-color spare cartridge is used in the printer prior to reinserting the new refill, then the new refill will work correctly. The spare cartridges are only necessary to activate the refilled cartridges, then they can be removed from the printer.* 

* Each color must be independently activated/re-set; this may occur one color at a time as you run out of each color. A spare cartridge can be a setup, new, empty or refilled ink cartridge of the same type/color.

You must have spare cartridges to activate your refilled cartridges

  1. Keep a full set of spare cartridges.
  2. As an in-printer cartridge is depleted, get a new refill.
  3. Put the spare into the printer.
  4. Save the new refill as the spare.
  5. Continue this two-set rotation pattern indefinitely.

NOTE : If a spare cartridge is not available to activate the refilled cartridge then the following message, or similar, will be displayed until a spare is installed to reset the respective color in the printer.


Activation & Usage Tips

There are two main cartridge swap usage options:  A) 2-Refill Set Rotation (single cartridge or all 4 cartridges) or B) Permanent Spare Set - the second set can be temporarily used to re-set the printer, then removed, then the refill set can be inserted and used until empty.

1. IMPORTANT!  Press ‘No‘ when prompted with the following question: “Was this cartridge sold to you as a new genuine HP-branded cartridge that has not been previously used?

2. Select ‘OK‘ for cartridge messages such as “Used”, “Refilled”, or “Counterfeit” to ignore – these are merely nuisance/annoyance messages.

3. After refilling, the printer cannot track the ink level.  Ignore any incorrect low/empty alert messages (i.e. “Refilled or Depleted Cartridge Detected”) and any ink sensor warnings, by pressing ‘OK’.  However, as the ink cartridge begins to truly run out of ink, an ink low sensor will prevent the printer from printing to prevent printer damage; at this point the cartridge will need to be refilled again.

4. Set-Up cartridges may also be refilled.

For the best refilling experience, only use HP original/genuine ink tanks.

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