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Ink Cartridge Care

Tips to Get the Most from Your Inkjet Cartridges

After we've refilled your cartridge, follow these tips to keep your printer and cartridges in top condition. This will help you continue to save money in the long run:

1) Never let a cartridge run out of ink completely. Your inkjet will burn out if it continues to fire while the supply of ink is cut off. Always have a replacement cartridge on hand. If the cartridge is showing 'empty,' have it refilled or replaced immediately.


2) The cartridge cannot be stored for an indefinite period.


3) When lines and/or missing dots form on your text or graphics, it's time to clean the printhead. Do not touch the copper plate on the printhead with your fingers. Use the printers cleaning cycle (refer to your printer manual). If this fails to clear the problem, call us for the best solution.


4) Do not leave the cartridge in a hot car. This causes the ink to expand and leak.


5) Keep color cartridges upright. The colors will cross contaminate if left on its side.


6) After installing a new or refilled cartridge, print at least 2 test pages to settle the new cartridge. When taking your cartridge in to be refilled do not put your colour cartridge in a plastic bag or cling film, a small box either cardboard or plastic is preferable and will prevent colour contamination.