Cartridge Network


Method 1:

Install cartridges and press the copy button.

“E13” may flash (error ink exhausted) now or  after a few pages.

Hold down the Resume Button (Red Triangle inRed Circle) for approx 6 seconds or 3 flashes of “E13”.

Copier will now copy.

For printers wait until prompted by PC and hold down the resume button.

If E13 flashes at any time repeat this procedure.


Method 2:

Most Canon 2 cartridge printers do not accept refilled cartridges without the status monitor on the printer driver being disabled. To disable the monitor, follow the instructions below and then the refilled cartridge will be accepted and allowed to print.

Step 1 – Access the Driver Settings

1. Click on the start menu

2. Go in to Control Panel

3. Click on Printers and Faxes

4. Right click on your printer icon

5. Go down to properties

6. Then click on maintenance

Step 2 - Click on ‘View Printer Status…..’

Step 3 - Click on Option

Finally, click on enable status monitor. This will turn off the monitor and allow you to use refilled ink cartridges. If at any time you get the ‘Ink out’ message on your PC a light under your power button on the printer will flash. To continue printing, simply press the button and click the close button on the warning (marked X).

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